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Clyde Colson

Good read Rob.....

And truly fits my attitude to challenges!!

I am very sure it would work for you as I have always found you to have a positive approach to life.

Not giving up sailing for cycling I hope!

Sasha Vasiljkovic

Rob excellent article. Having a positive attitude is critical to both a meaningful life in both business and more importantly in your personal life. It sets a great example for your children, family, work colleagues and business associates. Glass half full and opportunity always exists.

Ian Pratt

Great story Rob. I need to force myself and my staff to think that way more often.

Rob Hartnett

Thanks Ian - we all have to from time to time.

Rob Hartnett

Thanks for reading Sasha. Hope HK is still treating you well.

Rob Hartnett

Great to hear from you Clyde. I bet the America's Cup was a fantastic experience for you.

Libby Maynard

Thanks Rob. So easy to slip into negativity and self doubt when things don't go as planned. I like the links between thoughts, behaviors, actions and results and the ability to adapt. I'll get on and deal with today's curved ball. Good to see the riding is going well.


Appreciate your comments Libby.

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